Under what circumstances could maximizing turnout alter an election result?

Under what circumstances could maximizing turnout alter an election result?

This is the documentation page for "Kohler, Ulrich and Richard Rose (2010): Under what circumstances could maximizing turnout alter an election result? Representation 46 (2) 119--138

On this page you may found all Stata do-files for the analyses in the paper.

With the master do-file you can replicate every analysis of the paper. For this you need to download all do-files.

In what follows you find the complete list of the do-files. They appear in the order of their making during the preparation of the paper.

Initial Analyses

an1st.do First tries with some multilevel models
antrade.do Multilevel models for trade unions
antry.do Try out using mlogit as multiple discriminant analysis
anlrdes.do Bivariate correlation of modified lr scale with some indep.
anvoter_valid.do Comparison of survey turnout with official turnout
grses.do Descriptive graph for bivariate ses-voter relationship
anagg.do Influences of aggregate level variables di anbase Baseline Models
anses.do Voteing by SES
grpol.do Descriptive graph for bivariate pol-voter relationship
anpol.do Voteing by Political variables
grlr.do Left-Right by country
anlrvotechg.do Extrapolation, Rose Proposal 12 July
anchange.do Extrapolation: mlogit, Germany
anexpol1.do Extrapolation, Method 1
anexpol2.do Extraplation with mlogit, GB and DE
anexpol4.do Extrapolation with mlogit, DE 1998 and 2005, various assumptions

Restart after Election Studies volume

crelections.do Create Election Metadata
andescribe.do Describe Election Metadata extensivly
anelectiontable.do Table for Election characteristics
anpol1.do Voting by political variables without trust and politics too complicated
anpol2.do anpol without satisfactio with government
grlevbycntry.do Graph voteing and Leverage by country figure 2
anlr.do Left-Right figures and tables figure 4 (discussion paper)
anlr_by_voteing.do Left-Right by voters/nonvoters table 1
grturnout_by_country.do figure 1
grpartynum.do figure 3
simulation.do figure B

Revision after ES - review

crelections2.do Add Electionsystem to Election Metadata
cress04_1.do Use edition 3 of ESS
ansumtab.do A comprehensive table
aninvalid.do Plot of invalid votes by turnout
anct.do Quantify the critical treshold
anct1.do Quantify the critical treshold, correction 1
ansumfig.do A comprehensive figure
anUSbystate.do Turnout by gap & Probability of Office-Change
anUS2000.do A table for US 2000 election
anct2.do Correction 2 -- Using absolut numbers
anlr_by_voteing1.do Run this for edition 3 of ESS

Revision after ES - reject

anct3.do Critical treshold with Plutzer assumptions (Buggy)
anct4.do figure 6
grturnout_by_country1.do figure 1
grlevbycntry1.do figure 2
grpartynum1.do figure 3
anlr_by_voteing2.do figure 4
grgap.do figure 5

Figures for Representation-Submission

grturnout_by_country2.do figure 1
grlevbycntry2.do figure 2
grpartynum2.do figure 3
grgap1.do figure 5
anct6.do figure 6