Well-being and Inequality

Well being and Inequality

This is the documentation page for "Böhnke, Petra and Ulrich Kohler (2009): Pg. xx in Stefan Immerfall and Göran Therborn: Handbook of European Societies. New York and Heidelberg: Springer.

On this page you may found all Stata do-files for the analyses in the paper.

With the master do-file you can replicate every analysis of the paper. For this you need to download all do-files.

In what follows you find the complete list of the do-files. They appear in the order of their making during the preparation of the paper.

grwbhdi1.do Subjective Well-Being on HDI (EQLS and ISSP)
grwbgdp1.do Subjective Well-Being on GDP (within countries) (EB-Trend)
grwbgdp2.do Subjective Well-Being on GDP-rank (within countries) (EB-Trend)
anwbequation.do Subjective Well-Being Equation
anwb_objective.do Objectie Well-Being
anlsatdim2.do Subjective Well-Being on domain satisfaction * GDP
anlsatdim3.do Subjective Well-Being on inequalities * GDP
andeprivation.do Relative Income and absolute deprivation